Lambing Clinic

2019 Lambing Clinic   
Saturday, March 16             
:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.                               
Pack years of lambing experience into one day with small ruminant veterinarian Dr. Jackie Rapp, a panel of shepherds, and a barnful of lambs. The morning session will cover Pre-Lambing Management, Normal Birthing Process, Deciding Whether to Call the Vet, Top Ten Tips for saving lambs, and a necropsy to determine “Why Did This Lamb Die?”  Then we’ll head to the barn to demonstrate management practices such as ear-tagging, tube feeding, tail docking, nursing difficulties, and other common problems. Even more important, we’ll show you how to recognize the behavior of healthy newborns who don’t need your help. We will be in the middle of lambing 120 ewes at the time of the workshop, creating ample opportunity for observation and case studies. .
Bring a covered dish for our potluck lunch in the nice, warm one-room schoolhouse.  

Limited to 30 participants so everyone gets hands-on practice.
Program fee $60 per person. Teens welcome!
Kids under 12 free, but it might be a cold, boring event for them 

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2011 Lambing Clinic


2011 Lambing Clinic


2011 Lambing Clinic



Dr. Jackie Rapp, DVM

We count ourselves very fortunate to have Dr. Rapp nearby. She not only specializes in small ruminants, but she and her husband have raised and shown sheep for years.  Dr. Rapp is a large animal veterinarian who runs her own practice in Paxinos, Pennsylvania. She was born and raised in Danville, where she was active in FFA and 4H . She graduated from Penn State in 1995 and the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School in 1999. Dr. Rapp worked for Sunbury Animal Hospital for ten years before branching out on her own in 2008. In addition to sheep, she works on horses, cattle, alpacas and deer..Susquehanna Valley Veterinary        
527 Olive Rd.       Paxinos, PA 17860


Jan Motter,
Lane’s End Farm
Jersey Shore, PA

Jan has been raising production-oriented Polypays and meat-type Shropshire sheep for over 25 years. She and her husband run 40-50 head of ewes, producing registered breeding stock as well as market lambs and custom freezer lambs.  Her breeding stock has been sold throughout the United States, and Lane's End Farm is a well-represented every year at the National Polypay Sale.  Because her sales cycle often requires early lambing, Jan has many suggestions for cold-weather success. 

12211 West Rt. 973
Jersey Shore, PA 17740


Jerry McCarty, Columbia Co. 4H Leader & Shepherd

Jerry was raised on a sheep farm in Columbia County, which ran up to 300 head of breeding ewes. He currently has about 35 brood ewes, mostly Suffolk and Tunis , and has recently added Hampshires for crossbreeding. Because most of his lambs are sold as 4-H projects, he lambs in January-February to get an early start for  the  show ring.  He also sells breeding stock.  Jerry has been a 4-H leader for the Columbia County livestock club for over 20 years.

570- 854-6356


Caroline and David Owens

Your hosts for the Lambing Clinic raise Coopworths for wool and meat, and Katahdins for meat only.  We expect to lamb 120 ewes in March 2019. The ewes stay out on pasture until mid-January when we bring them in for shearing and the last six weeks of gestation. We utilize two types of lambing management protocols: closely supervised lambing jugs in the barn for the Coopworths, and pasture-based lambing for the Katahdins.
    Our farm is 112 acres of mostly open pasture, on which we rotationally graze using various combinations of electric fence. The only time we feed grain is to the ewes before and after lambing. We sell our lambs in the spring as feeders, and in the fall as grass-finished ‘freezer’ lamb in a customer-direct model.  We have been raising sheep for 27 years, starting with Dorset/Finn crosses on a small farm in New Hampshire back in the 1990's. 


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