Meet Our Horses

Consistent with our belief in raising animals in a natural setting, our horses live on
pasture.  Portable fencing and portable shelters ensure their safety and comfort. Yes, sometimes we have a long walk to get the horses: but they are happy and healthy. (Besides, we always have the fun of riding bareback to and from the pasture!)

Picture 119

The Haflinger is a small, strong, versatile breed with a good disposition.

July25Wed 137

If you’ve been on one of our wagon rides, you’ve met Tiara, our 10-year Haflinger mare. 


We are blessed with lots of land
to ride in and wonderful neighbors.

Broddi is an Icelandic horse.


Heading out for a 25-mile competitive
trail ride. 

horsesking 006

What a kid does when faced with untracked powder and a cooperative pony.

June 10 Mon 012

Cricket was born on May 17.

June 10 Mon 157

Fun in the snow!

January252011 003

Unusual pasture-buddies, but everyone gets along just fine. 

June 10 Mon 038

First visit from the farrier.

June 10 Mon 155