Lamb Sampling Party

Sunday, February 16, 2020, from 2:00-5:00 pm.


     We love lamb! My interest in raising sheep dates back to my mom’s succulent lamb stews and savory leg roasts. But not everyone has a chance to try really good lamb...until now!

We invite you to be our guest on February 16 to sample classic dishes made from our own grass-fed lamb. On the menu will be a traditional leg roast, lamb stew, classic chops, and lamburger. We’ll share cooking tips and recipes so you can bring the experience back to your own kitchen. Samples of local wine will add the perfect touch.

This event is FREE BUT preregistration is essential so we know how much to cook and don't exceed a comfortable and fun number of people. REGISTER ONLINE



Solar arrays are ideal from an animal welfare standpoint: plenty of shade, shelter, and food.

Sheep thrive on the grasses and broad-leafed weeds which could cause problems in a solar field.


These vines were creeping up the inverter and heading for a fan....but not for long. The sheep discovered them immediately.


The acreage is subdivided with temporary electric fence to optimize the impact of grazing activity.


We are happy to answer your
questions about solar grazing.

close grazing under panel

Contrary to popular belief, vegetation does grow under the solar panels, due to availability of moisture and sufficient sunlight. This photo shows how well the sheep clear it out.