Coopworth Sheep

2020 Availability

Due to flock expansion, we will not be selling breeding-quality ewe lambs in 2020.  Our 2020 ram lambs are spoken for, except for the top 3-4 who will be chosen as breeding stock.  Depending on how lambing goes, there could be some 
small, cute ewe lambs that we would not choose for breeding but make great  pets and lawnmowers

       The Coopworth is a dual-purpose breed developed in New Zealand for meat and wool. Coopworth fleece is prized by handspinners for its luster, silky texture, and beautiful crimp. They suit our farm well because they perform well on pasture.

Our flock is rotationally grazed all year round except for lambing time when they are near the barn under close observation. No grain is fed except during late pregnancy, when the nutritional demands of the growing lambs require more protein and energy than hay can provide. 


Purebred, registerable ewe or ram lambs picked up at weaning in June are $250. Ram lambs kept till October to see how they grow are $325.  Good choice if your goal is to breed but you don't want to pay for a proven ram. 

Pedigreed Yearling ram with breeding experience and lambs on the ground $450. Occasionally we have older rams for sale when we have enough of his daughters in the flock. 

Older ewes that have proven to be good mothers can be an excellent way to start your flock. We  wouldn't have kept them so long if they weren't excellent performers! Price starts at $300.