Honey and Hive Products

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We have been raising bees for over 20 years using traditional methods that do not rely on chemicals.  We raise our own queens,  and continuously improve our techniques. Our orchards and pastures are managed organically,  since we know that commercial fungicides and pesticides cause harm to pollinators.  Our farm uses no pesticides/fertilizers and we harvest over 50 tons of hay each year without depleting our soils.   How is that possible?   Our secret is clover, a super plant that fixes nitrogen free from the air and produces forage and nectar.

Our aparies are the most popular attraction on our farm tours where you can learn about how bees, livestock, plants and humans can thrive in a natural farm system. You can purchase Raw Honey direct from the comb as fresh as honey can be. We simply extract the honey, strain and bottle it, and no heat is used which could affect the delicate taste.  Our Raw Honey is seasonally available from June thru November or until sold out. Call or email for availability. 
We offer various honey jars and bottles, bees wax candles and bees wax lip balm for pickup only, sorry no shipping avaliable at this time.

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