Lambs for Sale

2021 Availability

Sorry, all 2021 lambs are spoken for at this point, between our own lamb meat
business and customers purchasing lambs to raise. 

        People buy our lambs for many reasons: feeder lambs (to raise for meat) , pets, starter flocks, and even as ‘lawnmowers’. We raise two breeds, commercial Katahdins and pedigreed Coopworths.  Commercial means that our Katahdin flock is purebred but not  pedigreed.   
          Our flock is entirely grass-fed, except for 4-6 weeks of grain for the ewes in late pregnancy. We select rigorously for good gains on pasture. Ewes whose lambs fail to perform are culled. Our core business is direct-sold freezer lamb, raised totally on grass. 

How to Buy Lambs 

 Lambs are born in February-March, ready to go in late May/early June.
PRICE: From 1 to 9 feeder lambs-- picked up at weaning-- is $185 ea. 10 or more lambs is $175 ea.  Breeding stock, picked up at weaning, $200 per head.  Note: This is for unregistered lambs: see Coopworth page for prices on registered Coopworths. If the lambs are leaving PA, add $8.00 per head to cover mandatory interstate health certificates and tags.

 HOW; Start the process with a call or email to make sure we have want you want available:  we routinely sell out.  Then, a $25 deposit holds your reservation, the balance paid at pick-up. 

RAM LAMBS INTENDED FOR BREEDING; These are selected with different criteria than feeder lambs, and held till late summer to see how they grow out. Price is $275.

We do not castrate our ram lambs. We generally do not dock tails on lambs destined for meat. Coopworth ewes will be docked if they are being considered for replacement stock or to be sold as breeders.