About Our Katahdin Hair Sheep

2024 Availability

We are now taking orders for ram lambs to be born in spring 2024
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     The Katahdin breed was developed in Maine and named after Mount Katahdin. They are a low-maintenance, easy-care sheep requiring neither shearing nor tail docking. As our primary product is grass-fed lamb, we select for ewes that can raise twins to market weight on forage alone. Our sheep are purebred but not pedigreed.  

Our flock is rotationally grazed all year round, except for lambing time when they are near the barn under close observation. No grain is fed except during late pregnancy, when the nutritional demands of the growing lambs require more protein and energy than hay can provide. 

Our ewes are monitored for reproductive performance, maternal traits, and growth and vigor of their lambs.  These results factor into our culling decisions, leaving the best ewes and their daughters to continually improve the flock.  Our overall goal is a 100 lb lamb by November on a 100% forage diet. 


The price for lambs depends on how many you buy:  jump to Sheep and Lamb Page to see. Ram lambs sold in October to see how they grow are $350. A good choice if your goal is to breed but you don't want to pay for a proven ram. 

 Occasionally we have older rams for sale when we have enough of his daughters in the flock. Check for availability. 

Older ewes that have proven to be good mothers can be an excellent way to start your flock. Prices start at $400. Check for availability.