Sheep 101 Workshop

A full day dedicated to success with sheep,
taught by experienced shepherds on a working farm

Saturday, June 6, 2020   8 am to 5 pm

Getting started with sheep? Jump-start the learning curve and avoid common mistakes by spending a day with experienced shepherds—and a lively flock of sheep. You’ll learn practical handling skills, how to be prepared for the Top 5 Sheep Problems, what equipment is needed...or not!..., learn do’s and don’ts for purchasing your sheep, and find valuable resources for continuing education. Youtube is great for many things, but only a live sheep can teach you the skills of catching, restraining, and performing essential management tasks. 

Program Fee $125 per person

Pre-registration is necessary, and attendance limited to maximize hands-on practice. .

Long drive? We have guest accommodations for one group. Email us about availability.